Médiacours Downloads




All Médiacours programs are available in two versions: version 1 uses .Net Framework 2 ®, version 2 uses .Net Framework 4 ®.


.Net Framework 2 is installed with Windows Vista ® and Windows 7 ®. You may need to install it on Windows XP ®. You can use this program to check whether you have it or not . (Despite the warnings given by your browser, the checking program will not harm or modify your computer in any way. If you prefer to install it, click here.) If you do need to install .Net Framework 2, Microsoft ® recommends installing .Net 3.5 (which includes .Net 2.0). You can download and install .Net 3.5 from here.


Click on the icons below to download the programs.

Important: don’t change the default program folder name. Always install the Teacher versions before the Student versions.

Because Médiacours is a new program, your browser will probably show warning messages when the download begins. Here is the message shown by Google Chrome ®:

 You must click on the arrow button to the right of the Report & Discard button to display other options.

 Click on ‘Keep’ to download the MSI file. Other browsers may show different messages. Select the option to save the file on your computer. MSI files are Windows Installer ® files. They will not run without your consent.


Once the MSI files have been downloaded you will see other warning messages:



(Windows XP, Vista e 7)




(Windows 8, 10)




Version 1                                                                      Version 2

(Windows XP, Vista, 7)                                           (Windows 8/10)


*                          Médiacours Teacher                  

(Click on the gray setup icon  to complete the installation.)


                         Médiacours Student                  

(Click on the green setup icon  to complete the installation.)


*                         Médiacours Perso                       

(Click on the blue setup icon  to complete the installation.)



*                         Médiacours Student  Web        

(Click on the orange icon * to run the program and complete the installation.)


*     *      *      *     *

              Student-Screen-Monitor Teacher        

(Click on the purple setup icon  to complete the installation.)


              Student-Screen-Monitor Student        

(Click on the green setup icon  to complete the installation.)