This project has taken me a very long time to complete. In excess of fifteen years, in fact. There have been at least five versions. The latest version has moved Médiacours to the internet. This means that the program no longer needs to be downloaded or installed. It runs in the browser on desktops, laptops, tablets and even phones.

The original, simple idea has never changed. It provides a basis for oral and / or written interaction between teacher and students. Four types of media file may be used: audio, video, graphic and web-pages. Students' oral and written work is saved as audio or text files. Teachers can correct and grade this and make corrections and grading available to students individually. Six different grading systems are available and may be adjusted to suit individual requirements. Six interface languages are available: English, English US, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Thanks to Unicode, written material can be displayed in all world languages.

The PC / Windows®, local network version of the program is still available and has been updated to allow YouTube® videos to be used. Probably the online version will appeal more to most users but the PC version still has a few advantages:

- it will run on old machines, even on Windows XP® but is also compatible with Windows 11®

- it will run offline on a local network not connected to the internet

- the language used on the - students' exercise interface may be chosen from the six available

Médiacours exercises are compatible with both the online and the local network versions of the program.

The best way to understand what Médiacours can do for you is to use it. You can either do this by registering your school here or by using the test version to make exercises here.

The presentation of the original PC version is here and, if you have already registered to use Médiacours, the login is here.

Contact: [email protected]