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Médiacours is user-friendly software designed for teachers by teachers. Médiacours simplifies and enhances the use of web pages and multimedia documents for teaching purposes. When the documents are played or displayed, students see and /or hear the teacher's oral and / or written commentaries, instructions and questions. Students' work is saved as audio files (mp3) and text files (rtf) in a 'year / class / student / exercise' folder accessible to both student and teacher. Work can be corrected and marked/graded. Results can be saved and printed. Using Médiacours a teacher can communicate one to one with up to 40 students simultaneously!



Further details


Audio files, video files, pictures and web pages can be used.

Médiacours is compatible with a wide range of media file types and will use all the codecs available to the Windows Media Player ®.

Suitable for teaching all subjects.

Ideal for language teaching using authentic material.

Ideal for students with reading and writing difficulties.

Simple, easy to use interfaces. No complicated menus. Help texts available on all interfaces.

Online help videos are available showing all the main user procedures including setup.

Exercises can be created and modified and saved as projects until they are ready to use.

Students' work may be transferred to a USB drive or an FTP site to enable teachers to correct and mark/grade it at home.




Médiacours exercises are extremely flexible and can be adapted to suit all student profiles:

All aspects of the exercise are controlled by the teacher.

Students can work in limited or unlimited time.

The teacher can intervene while the media file is playing either orally or by displaying a written message. Oral and written interventions may be made simultaneously. The audio or video media file may be paused if and when the teacher chooses.

Picture files are used in a slide show presentation. Web pages may be used in a similar way. Pictures and web pages may be included in the same exercise.

Exercises can be saved as zip files to be exchanged between schools via internet.


Technical Details


Médiacours requires Microsoft Windows ®.

It is compatible with XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 32 or 64 bit versions.

Médiacours is compatible with security systems that prevent users from writing on the local hard disk.


(Médiacours has plans for a cross-platform browser version of the student module. This application will be developed at a later stage. It will allow students to use Médiacours on all types of computer including tablet devices.)


Médiacours can be used on a local school network or via internet if an FTP site (web server) is available.


The Médiacours (local network) Trial Version can be used for six weeks. After this, a key is required. As this version of Médiacours is still a beta, keys will be supplied free until further notice. When the final version is released prices will be calculated per student (but if you have already obtained a free key you will not have to pay for updates). Updates for Médiacours are detected and downloaded automatically.


To obtain a free key please send your name, e-mail address and the name of your school (as it should be displayed in Médiacours) to mediacours@gmail.com


Please help by reporting any bugs or grammar and vocabulary errors. Please feel free to comment and criticize. Use the e-mail address above.


3 ways of using Médiacours:


1)        Local school network (LAN) + USB drive (to work at home).

2)        Local school network (LAN) + USB drive + FTP site (requires key).

3)        Internet version using an FTP site. (This version cannot connect to the local network version but Médiacours exercises are compatible with both internet and local network versions.) This version will soon be replaced by a browser version which requires no installation.

The FTP site must be a regular FTP site. (FTPS and SFTP are not compatible with Médiacours which has its own security system.) The site must allow simultaneous multiple connections. Médiacours must be able to use the same password for all users. (Only the administrator needs to enter the password once. It remains invisible to all other users.) Make sure that your FTP site meets these criteria before using Médiacours via Internet. Médiacours recommends internet provider NUXIT ® for reliability and price. NUXIT can provide the type of FTP server required by Médiacours. Médiacours has been tested on an ASCII only server and a more recent Unicode server both using Unix Output Style. To monitor the FTP site, Médiacours recommends FileZilla ® which is free open source software.


Main Médiacours modules:


(local network)


 mediacours_teacher_setup.exe (administrator)

 mediacours_teacher.exe (teacher)

 mediacours_student_setup.exe (administrator)

mediacours_student.exe (student)

 mediacours_perso_setup.exe (teacher)

 mediacours_perso.exe (teacher)




* mediacours_perso_setup.exe (administrator)

* mediacours_perso.exe (administrator)

 mediacours_student_web.exe (student)

* mediacours_perso_setup.exe (teacher)

* mediacours_perso.exe (teacher)


Médiacours Personal Edition


Médiacours Personal Edition requires no key and is designed to run on a single computer. It can be used in three different ways.


1)        to create exercises and correct students' work and link to the school network via a USB drive or an FTP site.

2)        by the administrator to create a Médiacours system on an FTP site which will then function in the same way as a local network.

3)        by the teacher to create exercises, make them available to students via internet and correct students' work.


To test Médiacours and learn to use it, you should download and install the Personal Edition. When the program has been installed, you must run the setup module before you can use the program. (This procedure is the same for all versions of Médiacours except Médiacours Student Web.)


Local Network Version


If you decide to install the local network version, Médiacours Student must be installed on each student computer (40 computers maximium per Médiacours Teacher Master computer). Médiacours Teacher can be installed in 2 ways: as a master computer to enable teachers make exercises available to students (usually one computer per classroom) or as a non-master computer that can be used by teachers to create exercises and correct work.




Médiacours uses an internal version of Windows Media Player ®. Almost all media file types can be used with the player if the necessary codecs are available. Médiacours recommends K-Lite Codecs ®. Because of compatibility and spyware issues with the latest K-lite versions (not caused by the creators of K-lite but by unprotected download sites) we strongly advise you to download the K-Lite 1020 version from this website. This version has been tested on Windows 10 64 bits and is adequate for the requirements of Médiacours. Click here to download K-Lite 1020 from mediacours.com. Caution: before installing K-Lite, you should uninstall all other codec installation programs if these exist. Make sure you install the codecs for Windows Media Player ® (not just Media Player Classic ®). By default on Windows XP ® K-Lite displays small icons in your taskbar. For use with Médiacours you will probably prefer not to display these on your students’ computers. They can easily be disabled. Please see help video (YouTube version).






Student-Screen-Monitor is language laboratory software that can be used with or without Médiacours. Language laboratories are notoriously expensive. Around $50,000 for 24 students! Before personal computers became widely available, the expense was no doubt justified by the state of the art, analogue tape recorders used. Nowadays an average pc can achieve the same results. All you need is a software program to make use of the computer’s potential and headsets for your students. Since the advent of online chat, the price of these has tumbled. $15 dollars will purchase a headset with good quality playback and recording capabilities and you can pay less if you choose. So, if you want a language laboratory or need another one, try Student-Screen-Monitor. We cannot guarantee that Student-Screen-Monitor will provide the same service as an expensive language laboratory but there’s a good chance that it will! Much depends on the type of sound card fitted on your students’ computers. Surprisingly high-priced computers do not necessarily have the most suitable sound cards and many older types work well with Student-Screen-Monitor.


Like Médiacours, Student-Screen-Monitor is still a beta so you can have a 40 place language laboratory free of charge until further notice. The program allows you to monitor all your students’ desktops and you can dialog with each student one to one.



Help Videos

How to use + Setup

(Internet Explorer 10 : Alt => Tools => Compatibility view)


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